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The AutoBOT v2 Betting BOT - Almost Ready To Make Me Money!

The AutoBOT v2 Betting BOT - Almost Ready To Make Me Money!

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

The AutoBOTThe AutoBOT mark 2 the sequel is almost online and kicking.

I've been doing some live tests on bets I've personally set in the BET table which have worked out well.

There have been no major bugs, the bets are getting placed and I can check their status to find the original and new Bet Status using the old codes from the old API (to keep my existing DB in sync).

Changing the front API has been one major job, For one for no good reason Betfair have changed their country codes from GB to UK, IRE to IR, FRA to FR and so on.

Also they have got rid of their BetStatus code which made it simple to tell from a code what state your bet was in.

I had to make my own function to replicate this by checking all the remaining sizes of matched / settled / cancelled / voided and lapsed bets.

For example to prevent me re-writing a huge databaase backend I wanted to keep my bet status codes e.g:

(U = Unmatched)
(M = Matched)
(MU = Partially Matched)
(C = Cancelled)
(PC = Partially Cancelled)
(L = Lapsed)
(V = Voided)
(S = Settled)

A lot of work has gone into this new project and I personally have fixed about 8 bugs in Betfair's own API code and written 30,000+ lines of code compared to the 2,000 or o I had in the last version.

I still need to test the API on its own in fully automated mode without me controlling the types of bets and the amounts to place etc but from initial tests it looks good.

It is already running my main website, getting PLACE and WIN market prices and results and generating tips for all of the systems on offer. You can see these in action just by watching the home page of my site as the market prices change and the results come in.

The only two methods left to complete are my own, Placing Bets and Checking the bet status (result).

Once they are fully tested the AutoBOT is back in business!

Remember before I had to rewrite it due to what I still consider a pretty pointless rewrite on Betfair's behalf, I had managed to take almost £2K out of the account (pure profit) during 2013, all generated from small £2 BRAINIAC (automatic) created bets.

These were all generated by the AutoBOTS AI computer system and placed by the AutoBOT's front end connected to Betfair's old SOAP based API.

Now I am on the home stretch with the new JSON API-ING API. Error handling is everywhere so that not only can I get important system / application errors in my custom Event Log but I have my own log file in the C:/ProgramData/BrainacV2/ folder that had 3 levels of debug (LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH) which I set considering the type of job I am doing.

For exampe if I am just running my Wundows Service that obtains races and runners, markets, prices and results I set it to LOW so my file isn't full up off DEBUG that I really don't really need. Just important messages such as the start and finish of a job I want to run and date stamp and any exceptions.

However if I am testung a procedure like my PlaceBet and GetBetStatus methods with a C# console app I set it to HIGH so that I get every message related to the jobs I am running such as current prices, dates and times, SQL called, trapped SQL errors and steps through procedural code that helps me debug after the code has run.

Its taken me almost 2 years of coding to rewrite this new job due to Befair being total dicks and changing their API code from simple SOAP to JSON. JSON maybe be more suited for travelling over networks due to its size but the code base has gone from 3+ classes to about 30 - some with 20,000 lines of codes in them, Pain the ass hole that's what it;s been!

Let's just hope I can continue making money from where I left off.

View even more details about my AutoBOT on the main site here: The AutoBOT Fully Automated Trading and Betting on the Betfair Exchange.

If you cannot code a BOT but want to make use of one to place bets early in the morning or just before the race why not try the The Bet Engine Betting BOTfor just £12.50 per month.

First ask yourself whether you need a Betting BOT at all.

Do wake up at 7am due to your full time job and leave before 8.30am?

Do you wish you could read the Racing Post online or the paper by hand before placing all your bets and then going off to work?

Do you only want certain bets to get placed right before the race starts?

Do you require these bets to only bet placed if their price or other conditions fall between certain boundaries?

Can you not risk getting caught at work spending your time on websites like Betfair and Oddschecker?

If the answer to any of the above is yes then a betting BOT is what you ideally need.

However if you cannot code or don't wish to spend time coding your own BOT like I have then buying or renting a BOT is probably the best option for you.

Obviously having your own betting BOT which you can fully control and set up to place exotic bets such as multi day accumulators, place triples, or constant skimming and trading of the markets without first feeding in which runners you want to bet on is the holy grail of betting BOTS but that means hard work and I am not prepared to sell my code just yet!

However you can easily rent or buy a Betting BOT that will do all of the standard betting features for you with a qucik search on Google.

However if you haven't the time and are looking for a good all round Betting BOT that will let you do all the standard operations look no further.

You can easily purchase access to a Betting BOT from that will allow you to do all of the following:
  • Run multiple systems at the same time. 
  • Subscribe on a monthly basis from as little as £12.50 for 2 systems. 
  • Run your BOT in test mode without real money to test your systems. 
  • Place your bets before going to work and then leave the BOT running on your PC. 
  • Set stop limits and set minimum/maximum bet sizes. 
  • Use the BOT for LAY, PLACE or WIN bets. 
  • Let the BOT trade your BETS for you. 
  • Lots of settings to control the BOTS behaviour which you can read on their website.

  The Bet Engine BOT

You can subscribe to access the BOT for a month at a time from just £12.50 for 2 systems, £25.00 for 5 systems or 10 for £35.00.

Read the site for more details.

So if you need a cheap Betting BOT with lots of betting options then you should seriously check this product out.

By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

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©2015 By The UK Horse Racing Tipster

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