Sunday, 15 February 2015

The AutoBOT's Free Horse Racing Tips for the 15th of February 2015

Hi, here are my AutoBOT generated Horse Racing tips for today - totally free and available to all to use at no cost whatsoever.

Remember these tips are mainly aimed at people who use Betfair which is why the market images take you to the relevant market on Betfair when you click on them.

Also if you possess or have made your own Betting BOT that utilises Betfair's free API you can take advantage of some of the more unusual bets that are displayed such as the PLACE Accumulators or Multi Day Place Accumulators otherwise you would have to make each bet by hand.

I would also seriosuly suggest checking out my new Horse Racing site which gives you free tips by email if you sign up to the newsletter, articles on betting strategies, free systems for big races, and the opportunity to join as a member for a very low price.

Once you are a member you not only get the Premium Members Tips each day but also my own extra tips as well as a selection of the best NAPS around and Killer LAYs. All collated from newspapers, other websites, plus 12+ who only provide NAP tips for my site. Strike Rates are provided for each so you can easily see how they are doing each month.

If you want to get rich quick then this site is not for you but if you are willing to follow the tips and prepared to go sometimes days without placing a bet then you will make money with these tips as I have spent years making a computer system that constantly analyses races and runners to predict when to place a bet that has a better than average chance of winning.

The motto of the site is slow and safe! - no get rich quick schemes or false promises here!

If possible can you please hit the Google+ button on the top of the right column to suggest this page to your Google followers as well as checking out my Free Horse Racing Tips Google+ Page for info on other great Free Horse Racing Tipping Sites.

Also please remember my motto - Trade, Trade, Trade. Use the tools on Betfair to watch the prices move and if you are laying a bet ensure your back bet is not stupidly high so as not to get matched and vice-versa.

You can find more about trading over at the Trade Betting Guide page and it could be your way to earning safe profits daily from your betting whether you lay or back your bets.

Remember to take a percentage of your winnings and roll it over to the next step so that if we lose on step 6 we still make a profit.

This is the 6th day of the Multi Day Place Accumulator bet

Aigle De La See - Ffos Las - 13:55Betfair


Aigle De La See - Ffos Las - 13:55Betfair
Close Touch - Market Rasen - 15:10Betfair
Gilgamboa - Navan - 15:20Betfair
Universal Soldier - Ffos Las - 16:05Betfair


Aigle De La See - Ffos Las - 13:55Betfair


Bahia De Cerisy - Pau - 13:15Betfair
Name That Lad - Navan - 13:45Betfair
Cisro - Navan - 13:45Betfair
Mariatallchief - Navan - 17:00Betfair
Vettel - Navan - 17:00Betfair

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